Life as a college student!


The idea that I am now a full-time college student, part-time State Farm worker, and an all-the-time daughter, sister, best friend, house maid, live-in babysitter, and a chauffeur, is really starting to make me wonder if I can handle it all. 

My very first week of college is now finished. The good news being that I survived! The bad news being that MOTT is full of some pretty creepy people. To really understand my full recap of the past week I should probably start off with what my schedule really is like 

Mon- Work at State Farm from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.; go to English class from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. Somewhere in that span of time I will also have to find a time to eat some food (preferably something healthy. there is no way I am going to be a part of the freshman 15 club) 

Tue- Biology class from 12:30 until 2; I then have a 2 hour break! (This can be either a curse or a stroke of luck but that part will come later on); after the break I have College Algebra (sophomore class by the way, and yes, I am a freshie) from 4 until 6 

Wed- Back to work at the good old State Farm and then Communications from 6 until 9 

Thu- Biology Lab 9-12, Biology 12:30-2, College Algebra 4-6 

Fri- Back once again to State Farm. Luckily this time I do not have class in the evening. My Friday nights are reserved for K-dog and K-cat time (also known as Kati and Katelyn time). 

Ok now that I have that settled I can go on. 

As I said earlier, I had my first week of college. I only got lost 3 times on the way to college (there are literally three turns that I make the whole way and I managed to screw all three of them up). My first day went by pretty good except the professor let us out about an hour early. Now if you are paying attn. to my schedule you will realize that this tacks on another hour to my already too-long break. I buy myself a juice (pay attention closely because this is where I make a grand mistake) and then head on outside to sit on a bench. I know I should have stayed inside and at least attempted to make some new friends at college but I just wasn’t feeling up to it. Apparently there was a giant sign hanging above my head with the words, “All freaks within 500 ft. please come here.” This same exact sign was apparently following me throughout the whole week. Every time I sat to take a break and read some new, strange person would strike up a conversation with me. The question I keep asking myself is ‘Where the heck are all the college hotties?’ Oh trust me they will be found sooner or later. 

On the non-educational part of my week, I spent a lot of time relaxing. I just had no energy at all. I didn’t blog or play bejeweled blitz the whole time! I did read though so I am very proud of that. I finished Twenty Boy Summer and Leaving Paradise. Both were very excellent reads by the way! Twenty Boy Summer is a story of two best friends dealing with the death of one of the best friend’s brother and the other best friend’s secret lover (that’s right it is the same guy). The friends spend the summer trying to make their goal of meeting 20 new main squeezes. It is a very sweet story of friendship, heartbreak, and of course love. Leaving Paradise is another fantastic book. It is a story of a girl struggling through the after math of a hit and run accident. It just so happens that the driver of the car is her next door neighbor. The two ultimately get a job working for the same woman and spend their days trying to deal with all of the extra damage that the accident caused them. I am now dragging my feet through the last two books of the Pretty Little Liars series. It is such a good series I just am such a scatter-brained person. I cannot seem to read a whole series all the way through unless it is under 5 books. Soon enough I will be done with that series and can start on the not so fun reading that a college education includes. Now I’m off to another week of college. Let’s hope this week includes a little more time for some fun!

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