Tune-In Tuesday (23)

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Ginger @ GReads so you should head on over and link up! It is a great way to bounce from blog to blog and discover what others are listening to! I love music but there is so much out there that I haven’t heard of before. That being said, feel free to leave a link to your Tune-In Tuesday post!

Tuesdays have quickly become my favorite blogging day because I just adore this feature so much! This is the last week of Tune In Tuesday 90′s Edition and I would just like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Ginger for coming up with this awesome idea. I have had a blast going back in time to the start of my passion for music. I hope to bring back some more classics every now and then as part of my regular Tune-In Tuesday posts. Without further ado, I give to you the final videos of the 90’s!

Okay how could any of us forget how Lizzy McGuire….ah I mean Hilary Duff, grew up and became the beautiful Cinderella in A Cinderella Story? Well let me tell you something, I watched that movie about 900 times and as much as I love that movie, it would not be as great without this next wonderful song. In 1998 I’ll Be by Edwin McCain was only # 74 on the top 100 list. How does a song like this wind up near the bottom???? Even though I can complain about this song’s spot on the list I will just say that it is one of the most beautiful, timeless love songs that I know of. So good!

Next, I am going to share with you guys my ghetto side! This doesn’t happen very often (unless I am on a road trip with my BFF Kati and decide to break out into random rap songs….but that story is for another time) Something about Ghetto Superstar by Pras featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Maya just makes me want to get up and shake what my momma should have given me if she had any booty to share! What I mean by that statement is, it makes me want to dance even though I have zero skills!

At the beginning of 1998’s top 100 list there are quite a few awesome songs that I grew up listening to. These songs mean the world to me and guess what….they are country songs! You’re Still The One by Shania Twain is ah-mazing. She has a wonderful voice and I listened to her CD’s non-stop while my dad told stories about how they dated once…clearly that was a lie. How Do I Live by LeAnn Rhymes is a song featured in a movie Con Air. I think this movie was a bit inappropriate for 6-year-old Katelyn to be watching but guess what, she didn’t care! After hounding my parents about this song, they finally broke down and bought me the cassette tape. I carried that thing around with me EVERYWHERE! Practical Magic is a movie I adore with all of my heart. Halloween is my favorite holiday (aside from Christmas). I make sure to watch Practical Magic every year around Halloween time and This Kiss by Faith Hill is a song that is featured in it. I love Faith Hill especially her songs from when she first started out! Lastly and perhaps my favorite out of this group is Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks. This song was originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan in 1997. Garth Brooks had success with it when his version appeared in a movie that I love (are you sensing a theme here? Movies I love….songs I love….) titled Hope Floats. I love this version of the song so much!

For 1999 I was having a hard time chosing just a few songs to share with you guys. I tried my best to narrow it down to my favorite five….that’s right five is the least I could do so here they are!

LFO, Blink-182, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Smash Mouth were the  artists/bands that made the soundtrack of my childhood. They are a part of every great memory. Even though I hardly listen to their music anymore, I know that just by turning one song of theirs on, my mind will wander back to a different time.

LFO was of course super popular for their song Girls of Summer BUT my favorite was and always will be Girl on  TV. I don’t understand what they are saying about scooby snacks somewhere in there but I don’t even care; I love it all the same!

Blink-182 was my first ever ring tone on my own phone that I got to keep in my bedroom! I was so excited when I got that phone and even more excited when I realized that All the Small Things was one of the available ringtones!

Britney Spears was a MAJOR part of my pre-teen years. My poor parents they were probably saying “Katelyn is going to DRIVE ME CRAZY if she listens to that Cd ONE MORE TIME”<<<< Did you catch my cleverness right there?

Christina Aguilera’s story is just about the same. I listened to What A Girl Wants about 50 times too many but I just couldn’t help myself!

Smash Mouth’s song, All Star was a song I would sing before every soccer practice. It made me feel kind of tough even if I did suck majorly at soccer. I would beg any adult around to turn Radio Disney on because I just wanted to hear that song so bad!

I know that is A TON of songs to take in all at once but I just wanted to end 90’s Edition with a bang! I hope you all enjoyed my 90’s picks for the past month as I have enjoyed listening to everyone else’s!

9 thoughts on “Tune-In Tuesday (23)

  1. Ghetto super star..that is what you are..haha. oh man, loved that song! And I agree…I’ll be should be so much higher! FREAKING LOVE IT! Okay, so much awesomeness on your blog post today! And YAY for Blink 182, they were awesome. Super picks! I don’t want the 90s fun to end. haha.

  2. Holy WOW Katelyn!! You definitely ended this 90s theme with a bang :-) I remember listening to Edwin McCain when he first came out – you should check out a song titled “3AM” by him.. it’s so, so pretty. And hell yes to Ghetto Superstar! To Make You Feel My Love is still a fave love song of mine :-) and thats probably my most favorite Britney song from back in the day! Awesome choices!!

  3. Love that you went all out for this issue. I’m sad the 90’s edition theme is over! On to your selections:

    I’ll Be – This song reminds me of Dawson Creek. Loved that effin’ show!
    Ghetto Superstar – Can’t go wrong with Ol’ DB.
    Shania, Leann, Faith & Garth – Love these artists and all the stuff they put out.
    Girl on TV – Wasn’t a huge LFO fan.
    Blink 182 – But I am a huuuuge Blink fan. I jam out to their stuff all the time.
    Britney & Christina – Love them both for different reasons.
    Smash Mouth – Loved this song. I still sing it at full volume in the car.

    Excellent post Katelyn!!

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