Book Review: Alex Charles – Dreams In Time by Kim Reynolds

Title: Alex Charles: Dreams In Time (Alex Charles #2)

Author: Kim Reynolds

Publisher: Angel Oak Press

Pages: 368 paperback

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Source: I received a paperback copy from the author in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review

On a cold winter’s evening in Raleigh, North Carolina, Alex Charles left 1989 and traveled into the darkness of 1942. Her mission simple: to save two boys from drowning just days before Christmas. But how could she have known the danger that awaited her in the past.

Joseph Graham, her fun-loving uncle, tried to give her all the essentials necessary for time travel and changing destiny. However, he couldn’t live without his own true love, Laura Chestnut, a woman he met during the last days of the Civil War.

Sometimes forever is too long to wait. Returning to 1870, Joe knew the risk, but wasn’t going back for personal gain forbidden?

The rules aren’t the same this time. Even though destiny can change, how far will Alex and Joseph go to rewrite the past?

After reading the first installment to this series, Alex Charles: The Evening Oak, I was beyond excited to start this book. I desperately wanted to know the rest of Alex’s story and figure out more of her family history. While some questions were answered and a few mysteries were untangled, I was still left dying to know more! Alex Charles: Dreams In Time is a great follow up. The characters develop a bit more, they grow and learn a lot, the events that unravel keep us interested and quite a bit of new questions are formed!

Alex and Joe continue to nurture their relationship during the beginning of this book. Joe tries to learn as much about his niece as possible before he leaves on his final time travel and Alex tries to pump as much time travel information out of Joe. Joe stays just as fun-loving and kind as ever. I am convinced that he would be one of the coolest uncles ever (if my uncles weren’t already the best that ever lived!) Alex matures a lot throughout this book and she becomes a lot stronger of a person. She is faced with a bit more drama in the second installment as she decides on major life decisions while also dealing with the emotional turmoil of losing both parents and the knowledge that her uncle will soon be leaving as well. Even though Alex is facing a lot at this time, I love how Joe and her continue to build a strong family bond. However, Joe’s time was limited and when he finally did go forth on his final mission, I found myself missing him dearly.

After Joe leaves, Alex is faced with more than any person should have to face. She learns of HUGE family fortunes, messy, confusing family secrets, and she is forced to deal with it all on her own…well of course she has the help of Lilly and Jackson’s wonderful family. Even though Alex and I were both sad to see Joe go, she still has a tremendous support system as she prepares for her first time travel. Seeing Alex take every piece of new, earth-shattering information in stride was inspirational. Her strength and determination to make a difference in the past is amazing!

A bit of mystery was added in this story by Kim including another flashback to one of Joe’s past time travels. In the time travel we are re-introduced to Joe’s true love, Laura. I loved seeing more of Joe’s experiences but my gosh, it is making me anxious to read more of the series. I NEED to know how his and Laura’s story turns out and how it affects Alex’s life.

The most exciting aspect of this book was finally being able to see Alex’s first time travel jump! I loved the quirky family she goes to live with and ultimately saves. Tucker and Curtis Lee Blue are funny little boys who were faced with death at an early age. Alex dedicates her first time travel to saving them. While, I did enjoy the time she spent with the family, the end of her stay (which ends up being the conclusion of the second book) with the Blue family ended a bit oddly for me. It seems to wrap up a bit too quickly but that is honestly the only complaint I have about this whole book!

Reading this series has been a joy and as I stated in my review of Kim’s first book, her take on time travel is so unique and refreshing. I am crossing my fingers for a third installment; I can’t wait to see what happens in Alex’s future!

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