My Goals for 2012

So it’s that time of year again. The time to come up with those goals that I hope to stick to throughout the whole year. But before I begin I would like to go over last year’s goals to see which ones I actually stayed with!

My first goal was to join a fun class. I did Zumba a few times and loved it but my wallet just couldn’t support that. Also Kati and I joined the gym last winter and we worked out nearly every day for a couple of months. It was a ton of fun!

My second goal was to exercise more, as you can tell from the above goal, I did accomplish that for the most part (although I have been rather lazy the past couple of months).

The third goal was to avoid getting hurt at all costs. I did pretty good this year avoiding major injuries. I popped my knee out-of-place while getting off the couch but after a few days it was all better. I did get some scrapes and bruises but I was relatively safe.

The fourth was to continue on with being a vegetarian and to that I say, I am still 100% a vegetarian.

The fifth goal was to read 100 books. I failed with that goal EPICALLY!

The sixth goal was to make my blog more well-known. I gained blog views, twitter followers, Facebook likes, and blogging friends so I say I that goal is complete as well.

And then there was my seventh goal. It was for ME to become more popular. I have made it a year and a half through college and have yet to make a friend. So yeah, definitely didn’t become more popular.

As for my eighth goal, to get myself a boyfriend, that didn’t happen either. I am still holding out for Travis Clark.

I did however accomplish goal number nine which was to be more prominent in my sibling’s lives. They drive me absolutely insane but I love being there for them.

Goal ten was to live it up a little more and to that I think I have succeeded. My version of having fun and every other normal teen’s version of having fun is probably a little off but I like to think I enjoyed myself.

Goal eleven was to study. Errr….about that! I could have put a bit more of an effort into school.

Goal twelve was to go on a parent-free road trip with friends. Well it wasn’t exactly a road trip but a big group of my friends and I did drive about an hour or two away to go tubbing down a river. IT WAS SO FUN!

Thirteen was to grow my hair out and donate it. It still isn’t long enough and I have been tempted to chop it all off every now and then but I resisted.

Fourteen was to meet an author and since then I have met several authors. Lisa McMann, Veronica Roth, Simone Elkeles just to name a few.

Fifteen was to volunteer more. And as much as I hate to say it, I have not BUT I have done lots of babysitting for free so that still kind of counts right?

So all in all it was a pretty productive 2011. Now on to what I hope to accomplish in 2012:


1) Keep the bookshelf organized- Right now it is color organized and it looks BEAUTIFUL but I can’t find anything ever. So I am going back to my original ways and hopefully sticking to it.

2) Don’t accept more books for review than I can handle- I got way behind last year and I am in fact still trying to catch up. I need to remember that it is never good to bite off more than you can chew.

3) Complete the challenges I entered- I don’t think there are any challenges I entered last year that were actually completed. I made more realistic goals this year so that should definitely help.

4) Complete at least one read-a-thon- Bloggers are always trying to convince me to try read-a-thons and I always sign up for them but I allow work, school, and life to get in the way of me actually doing good. I would love to complete one or more!

5) Read 100 (or more) books- I have a feeling this year is my year to do better! I have a whole slew of awesome books sitting on my shelf just dying to be read so there are definitely some options there.


1) Keep pages all up-to-date- I try to keep them up-to-date now but I could definitely improve. My book review page, Bloggers To Check Out, and even the Music page need to be updated at least once a week.

2) Comment on more blogs more frequently- I try, I really try but I know I am so far behind. I want to comment on 5 blogs a day (at least!) and I want them all to be new ones! I have a whole list of bloggers to check out so checking them out is exactly what I will do!

3) Keep up with all the features I join- In My Mailbox, Tune In Tuesday, and TGIF are all features I try to participate in almost every week but I would really like to make sure I do. Also, I think it would be fun to join in some random ones every now and then like Waiting on Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesday.

4) Keep doing my Life As Kate posts- They don’t get a lot of views or a whole lot of comments but I enjoy doing them and I know of a few people who enjoy reading them (or so they tell me) so I would like to keep it up.

5) Write up blog posts in advance- Staying up until 2 a.m. writing blog posts is NOT working out for me. Reviews, weekly features, lots of fun posts can be written up in advance, I don’t always have to wait until the very last second.

6) Write reviews right after I read the books not months later- This is my biggest issue and I really want to do better. It is my goal to have the reviews written and saved within two days of reading the books.

7) Do more vlogs- I loved doing a vlog for my blogaversary! I would love to do vlogs for random posts, features, etc. I have the camera so I know I could do it more than once a year for sure!

8) Post more book-related topics- I think having an ocassional cover-talk, character break-down, and maybe even a book trailer post every now and then would be fun.

9) POST MORE OFTEN!- Hopefully I can try to do 6 posts a week. It would be great to have a post ready for every day but I can settle for just 6. The goal is to basically stop going through random slumps where I go 4 days without a single post.


1) Keep the room clean- I am generally a clean freak but the past couple months have been crazy and my room has been in a constant state of chaos. I need to fix that soon.

2) Stop collecting junk- The amount of random things piling up in my room is over-whelming. It is time to drop the hoarder tendencies and maybe adapt the lifestyle of a simplest.

3) Keep blogging time separate from family time- My family makes fun of the time I spend on my computer, it is hardly away from me, but I do need to designate time for just them when I focus solely on what’s going on at home. Maybe take the siblings to a movie or play a video game with the brat pack. Just spending time with the fam.

4) Keep the whole basement clean- It is my job to keep the downstairs area clean and right now it looks like a tornado has gone through it. One day a week of major cleaning should do the job!

5) Stop arguing with the siblings- Life is too short to get worked up over nonsense so I am choosing right now to let it all go. The petty little arguments are just worthless to me.

6) Be nicer to the whole family- By being more involved and less picky towards the siblings and parents I think I can become a generally nicer person to be around. Making jokes, goofing off, making an effort will (hopefully) allow me to accomplish this.

7) Make it to more of my sibling’s and cousin’s school functions- I love going to baseball, football, and soccer games as well as dance, piano, and band performances. My younger brothers and sisters as well as a few little cousins are all into that type of stuff so I really want to try to make it to more events, even if it means rearranging my schedule.


1) Don’t skip class- I made it through first semester without doing this and I plan to make it through the rest of the year doing it.

2) Turn in all assignments- I don’t think I have ever intentionally missed a college assignment so I think it’s probably a good idea to keep it that way.

3) Do all assignments ahead of time- I seriously need to stop doing research papers the night before they are do. It is a pain in the butt and it causes me to stress out and become a total nutcase. If I do things in advance and stop waiting until the last-minute, everything will turn out a lot better.

4) Improve my penmanship- I suck at writing. I am absolutely terrible. In fact I like to compare my handwriting to that of a 5 year-old boy. Yay, it’s that bad.

5) Study more often- Since I failed at studying last year I need to improve majorly this year. Even if I only do a half hour to an hour every night that would improve my grades A TON!

6) Stop falling asleep in class- I am guilty of this. I can’t seem to stop but I am for sure going to try. I think if I get more sleep and perhaps a little bit of caffeine, I can stay awake through my classes.


1) Text/be in contact with them more often- There are so many instances where I am sitting at home doing nothing and it would be easy to just pick up the phone and call or text the friends just to say hey. If I can remain in contact with people I’ve never met on Twitter then I can remain in contact with people who live a few miles away on the phone.

2) See more movies together- It is relatively cheap and we used to go all the time! Now we are lucky if we get to a movie once a month. Picking a movie every two weeks would be a great way to stay in contact.

3) Be there for them- My friends are constantly there for me through everything and now everything that has happened with Stacey shows that it is my turn to be there for them.

4) Have more fun with my friends in general- Even if it is staying in and eating junk food, we can have fun together! I just want to hang out with them more!


1) Be more courteous- Sending out thank you cards, thinking of you cards, expressing my great thanks to friends, authors, bloggers, and family members is something I can do more of.

2) Improve my manners- I think I have become so caught up in everything that’s been going on to forget simple manners. Saying please and thank you, smiling at people, doing favors, all sorts of little things that make a big difference.

3) Eat healthier- Yes I am a vegetarian. No I do not eat healthy. I need a lot more fruits and veggies, water, and even a little bit less junk. I know it’s hard when I am busy throughout the week but I can get some things to make healthy snacks.

4) Complain a lot less- I complain all the time. In fact my Life As Kate posts are all filled with complaints. I know a lot of it is little nuisances that I let get to me and there are things I need to just let go. Plus remembering that I am much better off than some other people helps for sure.

5) Exercise more often- This should be easy considering I got the gym membership until April and the pool to do laps in all summer. I want to remain healthier and maintain the weight. No flubbyness for me!

6) Watch a full TV series- I know this is a silly goal but I hardly ever watch TV let alone a whole series. I would like to watch a full series, have something to look forward to every week would be a nice break for me. In fact some new shows are starting relatively soon that I can’t wait to see!

7) Stop stressing!- I stress more than there are hours in a day. There are constant trains of thoughts running through my head, worrying about something. I just need to relax, take some deep breaths, and let whatever happens, happen. It isn’t healthy to be so worried all the time so I hope to fix it.

So those are my goals (so far) for the whole year! I hope they all work out but if I am putting that last rule to good use, I won’t stress about it. So what items made it to your 2012 resolutions list?

7 thoughts on “My Goals for 2012

  1. Holy cow girlfriend! That is a LOT of goals! :P I have a lot of things I want to work on this year, but know that picking that many would get me overwhelmed & then I just wouldn’t do anything :P That’s usually what happens with me…

    I am thinking though, especially with the personal goals, about picking a different one to REALLY focus hard on each month. Have them all as general goals & then go SUPER hard core one specific month. So, we shall see how that works out for me :)

    Good luck meeting all your goals!! (And yay for more Life as Kate. I like them!:)

  2. Great job even getting all your goals down on paper. I think you listed some really great ones. Love that you accomplished a lot of your 2012 ones. Just be happy & keep everything in perspective.

  3. I already said this via Twitter, but seriously, we’re like twins. I think it’s so awesome that you have a goals list that’s just as long as mine AND that it’s divided into different sections (and you can check that out over here –>

    And now on to the rest of this comment, which is probably going to be long and rambly and I’m going to go ahead and warn you of that now. *smiles mischievously*


    I rearrange my books all the time, and currently they’re in order by size (since I don’t have shelves and only pile them in a corner). I have to really figure out how to organize them, as I often forget that I have certain titles that I’ve been meaning to read (The House of Night series, for instance, is one of them).

    Like you, I really should think about being more picky about review requests, or at least make sure I can accomplish them all. I think I agreed to a little too many review books for January, so now I’m having the most difficult time playing catch-up.

    We can totally be book blogger challenge buddies for DAC and award-winning reads! I’m doing those two, and I’m (hopefully) starting them off soon. I just have to get those darned review requests out of my way.


    I really need to update my pages. I have a draft of a review archive page, but I’ve been really lazy about completing it. I should remedy that soon.

    And yes, keep doing Life as Kate! I personally love those posts because we get more insight into who you are and what your life is like. (And also, I tend to feel like we have a lot of things in common when you share stuff like that!)

    Scheduling blog posts and writing reviews in advance – I’m right there with you! I’m a master procrastinator, but I’m hoping to make my writing habit better.


    I need to stop filling my room with things because it’s getting majorly crowded. I’m generally neat, but it’s horrible how much STUFF I’ve accumulated. I really should be more minimalist (and that way, I’d probably have more money for books!)


    Eating healthier, getting more exercise and lessening the stress are goals that I can definitely get on board with. In fact, the first two are an important part of my goals for 2012.

    Here’s to hoping we have an awesome 2012! <3

  4. Great goals! I love your Life as Kate posts, I need to comment on them to let you know!! I also epically failed to read 100 books last year, but like you, I think 2012 is the year! :)

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