Life As Kate (14)

Holy crap! Where has the past week gone? It seems like just yesterday that I was spending my day off of work doing a whole lot of nothing with Kati! Since it is 1 a.m. on Saturday morning and this post was supposed to be up about an hour ago, I am going to make it short, sweet, and to the point!

Last Saturday was freaking AWESOME! Kati and I went to the mall, ate some Olive Garden (we even treated ourselves to desert, which I now realize, I do not do enough of! Yay for desert!!!!), and then went back to her house to have a dance battle on the Kinect. Our friend Yasmine came over (we like to call her Yamin, Yazz-man, Meenie, or any other variation of her name that we can think of) to play with us! We dominated that game like no other. Unfortunately, we did not tape the amazingness that is otherwise known as our dancing due to the fact that people would hate us and be consumed with jealous rage because they do not posses our dancing skills. After some hardcore dancing for an hour and a half, we went out to the hot tub and had some girl talk. It was brilliant!

Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing until about 7 p.m. At 7 I met my fellow employees out to eat for our holiday work party. Since I needed to keep up with the tradition of arriving late, I was stuck next to one of my employee’s boyfriend the WHOLE ENTIRE EVENING! He was such a sweetheart but he was also 60+ years old and just didn’t know when to shut up. I sat next to that man for 2 hours, TWO HOURS, and tried to hold up my end of the conversation but I was just dying to get out of there. At least the food was good.

Sunday is also the day that I got my very own blog name! I usually keep blogging and bookish things out of my Life As Kate posts, but this news is just way too epic to leave out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still in the honeymoon stage with it so you can expect lots of random excitement and exclamation points whenever I talk about it :)

Monday I had a shopping trip planned with my mom and grandma! It was to my understanding we were going to the mall to get my grandma a nook and then getting food (because food is ALWAYS the most important thing). However, we had to tinker around at the mall by returning a microwave (which is a pretty lengthy process if you weren’t already aware), buy some shoes (they were work shoes and not even for me so where is the fun in that?) and look at some random stores. FINALLY after hours and still not accomplishing what we set out to do, we went and bought my grandma’s nook. Keep in mind that this was on Monday, since then I have spoken to her AT LEAST 2 times a day trying to explain to her exactly how it works. After getting the nook and some rather delicious caramel cider from Starbucks, we dropped my mom off at her house, got some food, and had a lovely evening.

Tuesday was a pretty strange day. It started off good when I got approved for my very first credit card (this is a BIG deal for a teenager, trust me)! I was feeling awesome so I decided to get my car washed, turns out the owner of the gas station was there so he gave me a free pop and an upgrade on my car wash! And before anyone asks, no he certainly was not my age and/or single. boo :( Anyways, after this I was on my way home when red and blue lights began flashing in my rear-view mirror. Since I drive like a grandma (5 under the speed limit on most days) I was just SURE he wasn’t pulling me over. I was wrong. Turns out my plates have been expired for 2 months. Jeez, thanks dad, the one who insists on being in charge of that stuff! Thank goodness I didn’t get a ticket because then I would be $200 in the hole!

Tuesday night was “Kids eat free” night at Bob Evans so of course the family had to go to that! It was delicious and actually a pretty fun evening until the Brat Pack started knocking everything over with their balloon swords.

Wednesday I had work and oh my gosh, it was ROUGH! For some reason my equilibrium was off that day. I ran into just about anything you can run in to while at work. I managed to hit my ear on a wad of hangers and it got all red and puffy. Then as I was grabbing pants for a costumer, I slammed my head on a metal bar and almost passed out. Then an hour before I was supposed to go, we got an e-mail saying we had until the end of the day to get 1000 pieces of merchandise together to ship out. HOLY EFF! It was stressful plus I was a little bit dizzy from my concussions I got that day, so yeah, it was not a fun time.

After work, I went to the gym with Kati and worked all of my stresses away. HAH NOT! We slacked off so bad, it should not even be counted as a workout. After my “workout” I went to spend the night at my grandmas where I answered about a million more questions about her nook. We watched some good TV, scanned through free books, and eventually went to bed.

My grandma then wakes me up a SIX IN THE MORNING on Thursday! I was so freaking tired but we were going to the casino, so that made my extra-early-and-totally-unnecessary wake up call a bit better. My grams, my great-aunt, and I headed to a casino about an hour or two away! This is only the second time since turning 18 that I have been, and it was just as sucky the second time as it was the first time. I would win like $4 then lose $6. I left with only $.10. but I still had a fun time! It was senior day so I felt right at home.

Friday, was a day of semi-productiveness. Since I had no work and the roads were really crappy, I decided it would be best to get some Christmas presents done. Yes, I am fully aware it is well after Christmas. Some may call it procrastination but I like to think of it as delaying the timeliness to make sure things are extra perfect. I did get Kati’s done which was good because we were meeting up that night to exchange gifts! We met at Applebees (yummm!), got some small meals (yummm!), and even got some deserts (triple yummm!). Kati loved her gift which was Girl’s Night Out complete with breakfast at Bob Evans, a hair appointment in the afternoon, and then The Cab/The Summer Set concert in the evening. And of course I LOVED my present which was a Twilight calendar (she gets me one every year), cute hats, cute headbands, The Secret Life of Bees movie, and some candy! She knows me so well. After dinner, I went home and did something I didn’t think I would ever do. I spent $120+ on concert tickets! The most I ever spend is $40 and that is only for Warped Tour BUT I think this concert is totally worth it! We The Kings is coming back to MI in February with Mayday Parade!!!!! HOLY FREAKING AWESOME CONCERT! And since I feel like this is the time Travis will finally realize we are meant to be, I decided to get the meet and greet passes. This is just going to be so brilliant, I can hardly contain myself!

*Random sidenote about my day on Friday: Since I was home most the day, I got to hang out with The Zeke Monster a lot. It is while hanging out with him that I realized my 3-year-old brother is potentially anorexic. Well not really, I am exaggerating a bit but he does refuse to eat meals. So when I ask him why he doesn’t want a sandwich, he replies with “Me no hungry. Me no grow big no more.” I think it is safe to assume, this kid likes being a baby. He does NOT want to grow up any more because he likes the age he is at. I just have to laugh that his little mind can come up with this!*

And now it is Saturday. So what does today behold? How about some work which sucks but I’ve got to make money somehow and an evening out to the circus with the family. Even at age 19, I am not entirely sure how I feel about the circus but if there’s going to be good snacks there, count me in!

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!!!


Oakley turned 1 this past week! He is my sweet, baby boy and his first year has been rough! Cutting the end of his tail off, suffering through several ear infections, and even getting shot THREE times! I am so lucky to have him here. I just know that year 2 is going to be awesome with him <3

7 thoughts on “Life As Kate (14)

  1. I still have to mail all my Christmas presents… BUT. I don’t want to feel like I’m failing. So instead, I’m going to wait until sometime random (hopefully soonish though) and instead of mailing late Christmas presents, I’m just going to mail some- Thanks for being awesome gifts ;)

  2. Your short boring week was neither! Wow. First Yay for those concerts!!! They sound awesome. And Oakley is so cute, glad he’s doing so well. I love that your grandma has a nook, that is too cute. And that she asks you all about it. I’m not a fan of casinos, too smokey. I usually sit outside with a book if it’s nice! Hope this week turns out great!

  3. Great week! I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one to drive the speed limit! :) I do have one bit of advice: be careful with that credit card!! :P Oakley is adorable! What kind of dog is he?

  4. Oakley’s adorable! Happy birthday! I hope he got loads of treats ;)

    And I’m so jealous that you’re going to see We The Kings! But I’m sure you’ll have a FABULOUS time and that Travis will definitely realize that you guys are meant to be together ;)

    Congratulations on the credit card! I just got approved for my first one quite recently, and it’s been an interesting adventure in learning how to budget and NOT use it. That’s all I have to say about that!

    And I was watching Taylor Swift’s concert DVD for the Speak Now tour yesterday and thought of you the whole time! You should definitely watch it when you get the chance!

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