I’m Just So Excited….

It has been a while since I’ve done a completely random, pointless post so I decided there is no better time than the present! As you can guess from the title I am super excited about something and as you may or may not know, there is only one thing that gets me super pumped…okay, I lied there are a ton of things that get me excited including but not limited to: ice cream, books, sleeping in, cats & dogs, etc., but for this instance we are just going to say MUSIC! I am going to a very out-of-nowhere, non-pre-planned concert! I got a tweet from one of my favorite bands the other day saying they were going to be in MI this weekend, yes I did flail crazily and squeal like a dying bird. Windsor Drive has been featured a few times on the blog and I constantly share their music with the people of Twitter (whether or not they actually listen to me when I say “LISTEN TO THIS NOW” is unknown but they are crazy if they don’t take just a little chance!). I first met them last summer at Warped Tour and since then, I’ve had a bit of an obsession. So you can only imagine how psychotic I have been acting the past couple of days! Coming along on this tour is Carter Hulsey (he rocks my socks off!) and From Indian Lakes (definitely a new favorite!). Kati, Kari, and I will be going later tonight so expect lots of pictures, lots more tweets, and perhaps a mixed CD giveaway a little later in the week! In the meantime, take a listen to the three Brilliant bands I will be seeing tonight!

Shine by Windsor Drive

Black and Blue by Carter Hulsey

Away! by From Indian Lakes

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