TGIF (45)

There once was an awesome blogger named Ginger and she decided to create a super fun feature where fellow bloggers would answer fabulous questions via blog posts every Friday. TGIF was born and we all have Miss Ginger at GReads! to thank for that! This week’s question is:

Book Blogger Influences:

Has there been a particular book blogger who’s influenced what you read? Share with us a review/book blog that convinced you to pick up a certain book.

Answering this question could go one of two ways: First I could compile one freaking huge list of bloggers that have influenced what I’ve read (even though I kind of already created this list on my Bloggers To Check Out Page!) or secondly, I could name one specific blogger who got me to read a book that I would not be the same without. So since I suck at making decisions, I’ll do a bit of both!

First off, book bloggers as a whole, influence what I read. They are the ones that are making my TBR pile grow exponentially every single day. Whenever I see a book featured on a blog (review, author/character interview, cover reveal, IMM posts, etc.), and it seems interesting to me, I eventually go buy it or find a way to read it. So thank you to pretty much all who are reading this! I may love you but my wallet hates you :)

As for the one specific blogger that pushed and pushed until I couldn’t stand her pushing any more, that would be the insanely wonderful book blogger, Ashley @ Books From Bleh To Basically Amazing! Ashley has been a busy little bee with her new job but before things got to crazy for her she made it her life goal to get everyone she knew to read Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I am not kidding you guys, she would tweet me ALL THE TIME to see if I had read it yet and then once I did read it, I would get on Twitter to see her attempting to get another person to read it; pure brilliance! Thank goodness for this girl’s ability to be extremely persistent because that book rocked my world so hard. It was so beautiful, descriptive, the story was rich and heartbreaking but also so full of love…okay I will stop trying to describe it yet again (trust me, trying to do it the first time while reviewing was hard enough). Basically, this story is one of the best I have ever read and it is all because of Ashley that I took the time to read it!

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5 thoughts on “TGIF (45)

  1. It was great to finally meet you in person in Chicago! Signing Saturday was a little crazy, but I wish all the bloggers would stop by and say hello, so we could meet you all! It’s nice to have a face with the name. Next time bloggers, don’t be shy!

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  3. Ahh! YAY!! :D:D:D For serious girl, I <3 you so hard :)

    It makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy that Jellicoe Road means that much to you! Now I feel like I've been terribly remiss in my duties as #1 hardcore MM fan that I haven't been pushing books lately :P

    But ya, you make me happy!

    (And boo to busy new jobs… I miss your face.)

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