Katelyn has officially lost it!

I am sorry for all the random posts, the irritating and unpredictable tweets, the never-ending complaining but I really can’t help it right now! I know full well this blog is supposed to be about books and music but I have been guilty on many accounts of letting my real life seep through the seams. Just a fore-warning, this is happening RIGHT NOW. IN THIS VERY POST. So if you are of the majority that cannot stand whiny, self-obsessed, over-worked, stressed-to-the-max, yet still completely likeable *wink, wink* college students, you may want to stop reading right about….now!

Please allow me to complain…err I mean explain: Work is totally insane right now. I am talking 30+ hours every week (which really isn’t a whole lot but in addition to everything else I have going in, it truly is exhausting) and costumers who take joy in making my life miserable (seriously two made me cry yesterday. One even called me, and I quote “a skinny, little sh*t.” First off, it’s rude to call people names to their faces and secondly, even if that was meant to be a compliment, isn’t there a nicer way of saying “I think your teenage body is more physically fit than my much older yet still normal and fit body”???).

Oh, but let’s not forget that I still have school. Dear last semester, I have HATED you so very much. Like if you were a living, breathing, human being, I would break every one of my moral codes to kill you in the most painful of deaths…perhaps plungers and toothpicks would be involved (sorry, I get gruesome when I am stressed). Political Science is okay, the teacher is actually pretty cool. If I really wanted to dig for a complaint here, I could tell you that I have to wake up way too early for it but that’s only if I was digging for complaints. English sucks hardcore mostly because the content is boring, completely out of date, and irrelevant to my future studies. In addition to this, the professor is off his freaking rocker. And then there is Calculus, the very class that is making my life a living H-E-double hockey sticks. Up until this past semester I had hoped to teach high school math but this class has me seriously reconsidering it. Do you know how depressing it is to have a class so hard it makes you question your very future? Trust me, it is none too fun (oh looky there, I can rhyme!) and I know this because this has happened to me TWICE now! By the time I finally realized I had not a freaking clue as to what was going on in the class, it was too late to drop said class. So for the past months I have been going to my 3 hour Calc class every Tuesday & Thursday and I sit, stare at the teacher, pretend I know what I’m doing, fail each test and quiz, and then repeat.

And now finals are coming up. I have SO MUCH going on right now it gives me a headache just thinking about it. Tests to prepare for, papers to write, studying to be done…and guess what I am doing instead? I am tweeting non-stop about procrastinating. And to this last statement I give you evidence:

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

That’s right folks, I think I have officially gone mental. First I have a month to do a paper. Then I put it off until the week it’s due. And now I put it off even more by 1) procrastinating 2) tweeting about procrastinating and 3) procrastinating even more by blogging about how I procrastinated by tweeting about procrastination. Confusing, I know, but this is also what my brain does when stressed.

So you may be asking yourself, what was the point of me reading this long and seemingly unimportant post? To that, I give you this: there is absolutely no good answer, unless you are in fact procrastinating right now and looking for things to distract you. In all honesty, I really just needed to vent and who better to do that to than my uber fabulous and incredibly supportive fellow bloggers!?! So thank you!

Again, I apologize for my randomness, negativity, and general lack of thought-provoking, intellectual posts (haha!). And if you are in fact still confused by what I was trying to accomplish with this blog post:

1) It got me out of writing my paper….for the time being at least

2) It allowed me to admit my problems with procrastinating (they say admitting the problem is the first step)

3) I was able to let you all know that if I don’t return, college as finally done me in

and finally…

4) I am able to tell you this: If in fact I can survive this, my blog will be back to its semi-regular musically-tastic and bookishly-awesome self very shortly!!!

7 thoughts on “Katelyn has officially lost it!

  1. Hang in there! You WILL get through it. And better to question your vocation NOW, rather than after you get in the classroom, hate it, but still have to take continuing credits, go for your Master’s, etc. DO your paper, get your ducks all lined up, and then treat yourself to a FUN read, nothing that requires work. Or go get ice cream. I find that helps. :)

  2. My last semester of college was killer, too! I promise… you will get through it. Next year, you will spin a nostalgic tale of all the things you handled and won’t even be able to remember how stressed you feel right now.

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  4. Hey girl! You can do this!! What’s the issue with calculus? I first encountered it at about your age…and my friend who was repeating the year gave me one tip: it’s all about gradients and areas. Suddenly for me it all made sense.
    I’ve no idea it this helps you, where you are, but I can hope.

    I just read your “what to do if you’re bored reading” post [I may be paraphrasing] – take the time to identify *what* it is about the maths that is so troubling…

    If you want to email me about calculus (and see what I remember LOL), leave a note at my blog/reply here. Give me a few days to spot the update….

    Now, with me…breathe!

  5. First off, I want to punch the person that said that to you. HOW FREAKING RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love your procrastination pictures, they were cute. Hope you get a break soon. Summer’s coming! :)

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