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There once was an awesome blogger named Ginger and she decided to create a super fun feature where fellow bloggers would answer fabulous questions via blog posts every Friday. TGIF was born and we all have Miss Ginger at GReads! to thank for that! This week’s question is:

A Book Blogger is Born:

What made you decide to start your very own book blog?

I just answered this question for my Blogger Behind the Book interview that will be on Ginger’s blog soon so you guys will have to act all surprised when you read it again! Basically here is a very lengthy story of why I started a blog:

So picture this, a very nerdy (but thinks she is so cool) Katelyn is in her senior year of high school. She is so FREAKING EXCITED because she is taking a Young Adult Literature class with perhaps the coolest teacher on the planet. It just so happens that this brilliant teacher has her own blog, YA Love, and this is something Katelyn has never really known about before. But now, back to the class, it is centered all around book and Katelyn soon realizes just how much she has missed reading lately. Soon enough she is buying more and more books…on top of the great ones we were required to read in class.  Occasionally the class goes on to the computer to check out our teacher’s blog and we leave some comments. While all this nerdish goodness is going down Katelyn is also struggling through her first and last season of Tennis. She may have been a Cross Country and Track runner her whole life but this last year is different. She decided to do something fun regardless of her lack of coordination. Right before the school year ended, Katelyn’s top moment of gracefulness came to a peak when she dislocated her kneecap.

The whole first part of summer was spent lying around, watching TV, and getting on the computer. After a while Katelyn decides to look up her former teacher’s book blog. Upon doing so she discovers so many other book blogs! It doesn’t take long for Katelyn to decide that she too wants a book blog. In August of 2010, Katelyn’s Blog was born. For the first few months there were very few posts and in those posts Katelyn rambled on endlessly about her life assuming that any random person was just dying to know all that information. This was not the case. It wasn’t until January 2011 that Katelyn’s Blog really turned into a book blog. Add in a few reviews, some author interviews, giveaways, a name change, lots of music posts, a ton of fun memes, a creating of a Twitter account, more random posts than any person can count, and that leads us to where we are today, Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands!

This week on Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands:

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Calling all bloggers, authors, and awesomely bookish people!

8 thoughts on “TGIF (49)

  1. Oh my a teacher with a blog! That is like a dream come true haha. Someone you can relate to, that’s awesome :) This was a great story and thank you for sharing!

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