Life As Kate (17)

The past week has been craziness, as per usual, BUT it was filled with so much fun I could hardly contain myself! Here’s what went down:

Last Saturday, my OFFICIAL day off, was pure brilliance. I stayed by the pool all day, read a whole book, and watched Zeke accidentally fall into the pool not once but twice (hilarious thing to be seen).

Sunday turned out to be another great day by the pool! I didn’t have work until 5:30 that night so I was able to spend most of the day outside. Once I went into work though, it was not a fun time. We had this thing called Stage Set which is basically corporate’s way to make us sales associates go totes insane. They send us over a sheet of names, colors, and styles of clothing and that then tells us where we move it in the store. We pretty much moved everything from one side of the store to the other and we were doing this fun little task until 1 a.m.

Monday was an early morning (8 a.m.) at work. Once I got home I sat my booty on the couch and did not move it until bed time.

Tuesday was work again but afterwards I actually had plans (Hurray! Some resemblance of a social life!). Kati, Stacey, and I all met up for dinner after work, which was DELICIOUS, then we went shopping (I got the cutest pair of glasses, see picture to the upper right), and then topped the night off by going to the movies. Tuesday nights are free popcorn nights for us reward card holders and us girls are never ones to pass up free popcorn! We saw What To Expect When You’re Expecting, and holy cuteness, batman! I LOVED THAT MOVIE! If you have seen Valentine’s Day at all, you’ll know what I mean when I say it is about a few different couples that are going through pregnancy and they are all interconnected in someway. It was hilarious, sweet, funny, a touch of sad, adorable…I just loved every second of it!

Wednesday was even more FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! I slept in, took my time getting ready, then went over to Kati’s so we could go to yet another concert! This one was with Grant Woell, Windsor Drive, Deas Vail, South Jordan, and He Is We.

Sidestory about Windsor Drive- So I never did a re-cap post about the last time I saw these guys but it was a ton of fun. I basically dragged Kati and my sister Kari to this hole-in-the-wall bar an hour away. We were all fans of Windsor Drive before this but we had no idea who the other performers were. We get to this bar and there is no one there except for this really weird group of little boys playing music on stage and their parents sitting in the audience. Once these boys were done, it was still just us 3 girls and 2 other girls that completely ignored us. Finally the first band, From Indian Lakes took the stage and HOLY WOW! These guys were so great! I felt so horrible because they were far too talented to only have 5 girls and a bunch of random guys from the other bands cheering for them. Regardless, they put on an awesome show, and we had no problem dancing along to their music. After them, Windsor Drive took the stage and at this point a few other people had shown up but still not enough to be really comfortable. We still managed to have a blast singing along & dancing to their music. After they rocked it out, Carter Hulsey took the stage and what a great act he was! He was funny, entertaining, and he sung the heck out of every song. He made all the guys from the other bands dance with us (poor guys, we suck at dancing) and we all had a good time! We had so much fun talking to and meeting everyone after the show and we left feeling even more in love with these bands.

Now back to your previously scheduled programingThe concert we attended on Wednesday was so amazing! The first to take the stage was Grant. He was adorable as heck not to mention he played Brokenhearted by Karmin, one of my new favorite songs. After him Windsor Drive came on stage. They played a lot of new songs which made me way too excited for them to release their new EP/Album. Kati and I danced around like crazy which may have embarrassed normal people considering NO ONE else around us was dancing, but lucky for us we are not normal. After Windsor Drive came on, South Jordan took the stage, and guess what guys…I have a new band to add to my LISTEN TO THEM ASAP list! All of these guys were hilarious on stage, played super fun songs that we yet again danced around too (still no one else was dancing, they must have been drugged), and they even did a mini cover of Boyfriend by Justin Bieber which made me kind of fall in love with them. Deas Vail came on the stage next. They were another group of guys who know how to put on a good show! I was thrilled when the played one of my favorite songs by them and yes you better believe it, Kati and I continued to dance! He Is We FINALLY came on and then major confusion hit. Someone who was totally not the lead singer of He Is We took the stage and started singing songs that were definitely by He Is We. I thought that for a hot second we were being Punk’d and Ashton would pop out and surprise us. This is not the case. Turns out that the lead singer has come down with an illness so this new girl was filling in. She did such an awesome job! I still felt the energy and story behind each and every song! Kati and I danced one last time and sang the words to every song that was played. Once the show was over we went to meet the bands, YAY!!!! So were just chilling, when Jon from Windsor Drive says “Hey you guys look familiar!” My night was made after this. (now you know the reason for the extremely long flash back above) Even though there were only a few other people at their last concert, I was so happy they could remember such fun, vibrant people such as Kati and I (haha!) We took pictures with the band and were able to talk to them for a little bit. Next we went on to meet South Jordan. They were just as funny as they were on stage. They thanked us for being the only ones dancing like maniacs in the audience (see, the dancing paid off) and they returned the favor by taking pictures with us and signing our t-shirts and CD’s. We talked to these guys for a while mainly about John Mayer’s mustache and Gavin DeGraw’s mugging. I guess it was safe to say that this was one very successful concert!

Thursday totally paled in comparison to Wednesday! I spent the whole day dancing around to all four bands on Spotify while cleaning the basement. Good times folks, good times.

Friday I had work which kind of sucked big-time. We are part of a huge outlet mall and it is a holiday weekend so that means sidewalk sales galore! Each sales associate had to stand outside for at least an hour, this meant much better mall music than our store but it also meant major hotness. My original 5 hour shift was extended to 8 and I left feeling sweaty and exhausted.

Now that it’s Saturday, I have work again which means more sidewalk sales, so exciting. Can’t you tell how thrilled I am? Here’s to hoping that the day passes by super fast and that your guys’ holiday weekend is much more exciting than mine!


*Kati and I before the concert*

*Kati and I along with Windsor Drive*

*Kati and I along with South Jordan*

5 thoughts on “Life As Kate (17)

  1. I’m so happy that you had such a great week! And reading about your concerts and stuff makes me with that I loved music the way that you do :)

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