Life As Kate (18) Bon Voyage Edition!!!

Alright people, as sure as I am that you are just dying to hear, in full detail, all about my intense week at work, I will have to refrain because well, it was an intense week at work and there are far too many things going on. Here’s just a short re-cap for you though:

1) Yes work has been insane. I keep expecting it to slow down but it just hasn’t happened yet.

2) The past week I have tried to fit in as much best friend time as possible (see #4)

3) The Zeke-monster turned 4 and my stepmom turned 21 (kidding, love you Stepmom!!!) both in the past week.

4) My best friend is on her way to the Dominican as your read this…the exact reason why I have been trying to fit in as much best friend time as possible (also see paragraph below for a very mushy, gushy “I LOVE MY BFF” paragraph)

5) I leave for BEA in about 48 hours. I have nothing ready for it.

6) My phone broke yesterday. Clearly I do not want to be wandering around New York without a cell phone. Hurray for using my credit card for the first time!!!

7) My reward for sending in my taxes on time is an EXTREMELY LATE return. Note to self: Do NOT plan a whole trip around your tax return check without actually receiving your tax return check.

And on that note I will stop complaining in order to get all mushy, gushy with a dash of extra excited thrown on top for you guys!!!! So as you may know, my best friend is heading off to the Dominican to study abroad. She will be gone until mid July and if you’re counting that is about 6 weeks I will be without a best friend. *insert sad face here* Even though I will be loads of lonely, I am still beyond excited for her!
Kati has always been so driven and, excuse my french here, has had her shit together but to be quite honest I never knew the girl had it in her. She is dropping everything, leaving everyone, and heading off to another country where they do NOT speak English, to study for a semester….ALL BY HERSELF! This right here folks is a PROUD BEST FRIEND MOMENT, in fact it is THE PROUDEST BEST FRIEND MOMENT!!! I have never in my life been so proud of her courage and how brave she must be to take such a huge step. It takes a whole lot of guts to do something like this by yourself but there is no doubt in my mind that Kati will have an amazing,  life-changing time down there. So keep her in your thoughts while she goes off to discover a little piece of the world!

On top of me being an emotional basket-case over my best friend leaving, I have also been attempting to get ready for my own mini adventure! In just a couple of days I will be arriving in New York for my very first time. From the second my plane lands I will be whisked off to the Book Blogging Convention and the rest of the trip is crammed full of plans to do BEA and also do tourist-y type things with my parents. It is going to be a week of no sleep but more fun than I can even imagine. So wish Kati and I luck as we each embark on these amazing experiences.

p.s. Due to me being in New York for the next week, there will be little to no posts on the blog. I’ll miss you guys!

2 thoughts on “Life As Kate (18) Bon Voyage Edition!!!

  1. Super jealous you get to go to bEA (as I am of everyone I know going) but so happy you have something to brighten your time right after Kati’s departure. It’ll fly by !! :-)

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