Life As Kate (19)

I have one word for you guys B. E. freaking A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so technically it is one acronym of three words with a semi-descriptive word thrown in the middle but you totally got the point I was trying to make there. I am finally home from the purely awesome madness that was Book Expo America and I have so much to show, tell, and share with you guys but unfortunately for you, today is not that day. I know, I know I am a total buzz-kill (I mean who starts off with an insane amount of exclamation points only to avoid telling you all about the reason behind the exclamation points?) Seeing as I’m still unpacking 4 different bags and my room looks like it was in a war between books & clothing and lost….miserably, I’ll have to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. My last week was spent on 4 different airplanes, in one cramped box that some people may or may not call a hotel room, being shoved among hundreds of other people, racing from one booth to another seeing who I could meet next and what great books I could be introduced to, meeting TONS of publishers, authors, and bloggers and making a goon of myself in front of 98% of them, eating way too much food, meeting the unbelievably awesome blogger Alexa, fan-girling (and causing a scene) over more than a handful of authors, and basically having the time of my life. BEA and New York in general was one trip I will never forget but let’s not get carried away here. I must remember I still have loads of things to do before I head off to work later on today. There will however be a post up sometime later this week with lots of pictures, bookish awesomeness, and quite a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!


There were tons of pictures from BEA I could have shown you guys but seeing this little guy after being away for so long was the highlight of my week <3

4 thoughts on “Life As Kate (19)

  1. That is a pretty awesome picture. He’s a cutie. An cant wait to hear all about B. E. freaking. A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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