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Cecilia @ Rather Barefoot Than Bookless

Hello readers, bloggers, authors, and generally awesome people and welcome to This Or That! This Or That is a weekly feature posted every Saturday and it works like this: each person is asked a series of This Or That/Would You Rather-type questions, some serious and some funny, and by doing so we get to learn just a bit more about our favorite bookish people!  This feature is currently scheduled through February 2013 but if you would still be interested in signing up, please check out THIS POST and fill out the form! Now let’s learn more about Cecilia!

So, who is that person with the sunglasses?

Well, that would be me. My name is Cecilia and I am a soon 28 years old teacher. I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, a small country in northern Europe. I have a little son who is the sunshine of my life and he is 1.5 years old. The hardest thing and the most wonderful thing I have done in my life were to give birth to my sunshine.

I am a blogger, who blogs about books with my sister Sandra. We have been blogging for a year now and we love it. It is so much fun to share your thoughts about something you love with so many other people who love the same thing you do!

I love to read, but I think you could guess that! I also like to do yoga and travel. Actually I like to do many things but I can´t list everything here!

Would you rather read outside in the sun or inside all snuggled up with a book?

I rather be inside when I read or in the shade because I find it hard to see the words properly in the sun.

Do you prefer audio books or reading the real thing?

The real thing! I can not concentrate on the story if someone else read it out load. No, I want to read it myself.

Do you like coffee or tea?

Coffee! I love tea but since the birth of my son I need coffee survive! When he was a baby, coffee was the only thing to keep me awake! And now I don´t feel human until I get my morning coffee! Yes you can get addicted! Oh my god! I have turned into my mother!!!!!

Its desert time, do you reach for the cupcake or the cookie?

CUPCAKES, and they need to be chocolate cupcakes! But I did eat a mango/cranberries cupcake a few weeks ago that was to die for!

What do you like more: books turned into movies or books turned into TV shows?

Well, that depends on the book. If it is a really complicated story and kind of many books in a series then I would say TV-show. And they do lasts longer too if you are lucky and they are not cancelled right away! I hate when that happens to a good show!

Cover talk: people on the cover or a design on the cover?

I think I like the ones with people if they are artistic. A good example is the dark divine series by Bree Despain and The fallen series by Lauren Kate.  I do not like the covers for vampire academy by Richelle Mead

Are you a person that sings along or dances along to music?

YES! If I´m alone.

Which do you like more: cowboys or rockstars?


Music talk: full-length albums or mixed CD’s?

Mixed CD´s because it´s not often I like more than one or two songs from an album so I rather do my own mixed CD´s.

Do you like to cook in or eat out?

I like to cook in mostly!

Day or night?

Day! I´m a day person and I wake up early in the mornings and go to bed early in the evenings.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I´m actually neither! I´m not an animal person, at least I don´t want to have animals in my home but they are cute in the nature or in someone else´s house, just not in mine.

I just had to ask: shoes or barefoot?


Do you like the laid-back country or the constantly buzzing city?

I´ve grown up in the city and have lived here all my life and always thought I would love to live somewhere smaller. So I chose a small town when I went to university but I didn’t like it as much as I thought. Nothing ever happens, there is no good shops and nowhere to find a really great cup of coffee! And everything is closed on Sundays!!! NO not my thing at all! I love the city, it can be crazy sometimes but it is so worth it!

Be honest: do you judge a book by its cover or do you read a book regardless of its cover?

Oh, I so judge the book by it´s cover! It´s important because it is the first thing you see. But I have read a lot of books with a bad cover since I started blogging and got review requests and the book can be awesome even if the cover is rubbish so I really shouldn’t judge the book by the cover.

On blogs do you like author interviews or character interviews?


Real or make believe?

Depends on my mood. Right now I would say….Real!

Boy talk: jocks or nerds?

Could I have a mix between the two? ^^

Where do you generally get your books from, the library or the bookstore?

I always buy my books online nowadays or the bookstore but I never goes to the library.

Would you rather have the fictional boyfriend or the fictional best friend?

The fictional best friend.

Are you a fan of vampires or werewolves?


Do you organize your books in alphabetical order by title or in alphabetical order by author?

Neither! I do sort my books by author, but not in alphabetical order. I sort my book by what author I like the most and by size and color of the covers! I want it to look good in my bookcase.

Are your books on bookshelves or random spots throughout the house?

Both! I have a really nice bookshelf but I also have books hidden away in other places, but the ones That you can´t see are books I´m not so fond of but I can´t get rid of books so I just stack them away in other places .

Do you like to loan your books out to friends and family or do you like to keep them to yourself?

I HAVE TO OWN THE BOOK IF I LIKE IT!!!! So yeah I can borrow, but if I like it I have to buy it in hard cover.

When reading a hardcover do your keep the dust jacket on or do you take it off?

I take it of so I won´t destroy it by accident.

Social hour: Facebook or Twitter?

Both but I prefer Facebook

Are you a fan of guardian angels or fallen angels?

Fallen Angels !!

Music or books?

For me music and books go hand in hand!

Which do you like more, winter or summer?

SUMMER, I hate the cold! And yes it is cold here most of the year….. Maybe I should move some warmer country??

Would you rather have a decent main character with an awesome set of supporting character or an awesome main character with a decent set of supporting characters?

I need to have an awesome main character!!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog Katelyn! This is such a fun feature!

Thank YOU so much Cecilia! I love the answers to all the questions, especially when you said music and books go hand in hand! Make sure you check out Cecilia’s blog! Her and her sister are awesome!

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