February Concerts!!!

During the month of February, I was able to attend two AMAZING concerts! I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much fun I had at each of them but I can sure as heck try!

To make this post a little more fun, I made videos of each concert. Here’s how they went:

Everything’s Fine/Symphony Soldier Tour

They day started off awesome. Kati and I slept in a bit, got dressed, then we went to Bob Evans. For those few of you who don’t know, this is our all-time favorite restaurant/hang out place. After eating what I like to call THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS (toast, soup, cappuccinos, cheese bites…yummmm) we went to go get our hair done. I got the breakfast, hair appointment, and concert for Kati’s Christmas present. Our regular hair stylist did our hair in a cute but not too done up style for the night. After the hair appointment, Kati and I did a bit of running around and then we were off. We sang the whole way there so by the time we got to the venue we were extra pumped. Waiting outside was not the highlight of our night, that’s for sure! There was an annoying girl in front of us who must have smoked like 4 cigars and another one who commented on how dumb it was to wear leggings as pants…just guess who was wearing leggings as pants (both Kati and I!) We waited for forever but were finally able to enter the venue! Right at the coat check was Rival Summers! You may remember him from THIS Tune In Tuesday post! He took a picture with us which was pretty awesome of him considering it was his birthday…I think! We then got a spot on the floor as close as possible and waited some more. Then biggest shocker of the night, Paradise Fears comes out on to the stage! I didn’t know any of their songs by heart but I had met these guys before at Warped Tour and had NO idea they were supposed to be on this tour. They just lit the stage up. I was so incredibly blown away by how energetic they were. I remembered why I fell in love with them in the first place. Days Difference took the stage next. I had trouble hearing them but they still made it loads of fun (even if I did get whacked in the side of the head with a giant rubber duck during one of their songs!) He Is We came on next and my heart just melted. The crowd was SO excited to see them and by the look on their faces, they were shocked to see such a reaction. They truly are amazing. Then The Cab came on. I think I was peeing my pants at this point. THEY WERE SO FREAKING GOOD! I danced and sang to every song but the moment that truly MADE this night was when Alex, the lead singer, saved a life…kind of. They were just getting ready to do an acoustic set. He starts to sing then cuts the song short. He then proceeded to hop off the stage and yank a girl out of the crowd. Turns out she had passed out and he was just trying to help her out. Be still my heart <3 Then The Summer Set came on and let’s be honest, they NEVER disappoint. I have seen them a good 4 or 5 times in concert now and I always enjoy myself. After The Summer Set, we went to go get merchandise! We got a couple of pictures with the guys from Days Difference, snagged a few awesome t-shirts and CD’s then headed outside to meet The Cab! First we got in line for the main singer, Alex. He was so kind, and yes he did give me a big hug (insert fan-girlish scream right here!). Then we headed to the back of the other line to meet the rest of the other band. Out of nowhere comes John from The Summer Set. He talked to us about how Michigan is so NOT a state for people used to the Arizona weather. After a while we got some pictures with him and went on to meet the rest of The Cab. They were hilarious! They kept photo-bombing all these pictures and doing completely absurd stuff during pictures. During ours, the guys joked with Kati and one tickled me so I was busy cracking up the whole time! After this, Kati and I went back towards the end of the line so I could contemplate buying a poster for the guys to sign. While making this very crucial decision, Brian from The Summer Set comes out to take some pictures. Heck-to-the-yes!!!! I guess it is safe to say this was one awesome night!

End Of The World Tour

This day started off just like any other. My sister (Kari), Kati, and I all got ready and were headed off to the concert. This one was about a 2 hour drive. Once we got to the venue we had to wait outside for a good hour and a half. During this time, my hair which started out looking good turned in to a nasty mess. I think I was called a “drowned rat” a few times. We also asked anyone and everyone in sight if they knew where you were supposed to go for the Meet & Greet passes. Absolutely no one knew! Finally, We The Kings’ manager-type-guy comes out and gathers all the Meet & Greet people. We headed in, get a poster, t-shirt, and bracelet then waited for the guys to show up. Once they got there, we were able to take pics and make fools of ourselves. Kati, Kari, and I all said embarrassing things, talked way too loud and all at the same time, basically we were just making the situation very odd for anyone in attendance. We didn’t get to talk to the guys all that much but I hugged Travis (my future husband) and told him how much I love him and he told me how much he loved me, (true story) so you can imagine how happy I was. Sadly, they had to go get ready for the show after a while but they did let us into the concert area early. HECK YES! This means we got to stand right up next to the stage. Soon all the other people started flooding in and an opening band came on stage. They were a pretty small MI band called The Outer Vibe and let me just say HOLY AMAZEBALLS! This band totally killed it. They all come out in their punk outfits and started singing a song. In the middle of the song, this girl has a trumpet solo. A TRUMPET SOLO…. AT A ROCK CONCERT! It is safe to say they are a new favorite. Then Anarbor came out. I knew so little by them but they made the show so much fun. Finally The Downtown Fiction came on stage. This wasn’t my first time seeing these guys but it was my first time seeing them that close! They were brilliant but that was expected. It was at this point in the concert when the crowd really started getting rowdy. Kati, Kari, and I were smashed up against the metal bars which by the way, is not very comfortable. We had crowd surfers smacking us in the heads, rude guys trying to push their way in front of us, and let’s not forget the evil-looking but totally nice security guards standing in front of us. Even though it killed and I still have bruises on me, the front row experience was unforgettable. Finally, the moment I was waiting for…WE THE KINGS!!! This show was really a sad one. First, their drummer had a broken wrist. He manged to still rock out but he could only use one hand. Then their bassist, Charles Trippy (you may or may not know him from his awesome YouTube channel CTFxC) had a seizure a few weeks ago and doctors found a brain tumor. I know, Holy disaster Batman! Regardless of their set backs, We The Kings still came out and rocked an acoustic performance. And yes Tee, Travis was barefoot! Once We The Kings finished their set, Mayday Parade came out! This is a band I listen to quite frequently but have failed to really memorize any of their songs so I spent a majority of their performance 1) avoiding crazed fans 2) trying not to die because of said crazed fans and 3) smiling at the stage like a goonie! These guys all come out in their semi-matching outfits and they put on one (excuse my language) bad-ass performance. The energy from not only them but from the fans was totally insane. I was sad for it to be over! After the concert I of course went to get some merchandise, a singed CD from The Outer Vibe (the lead singer totally recognized me! He was like “Weren’t you that girl in the front row singing along.” Why yes indeed, that sure was me!), a CD from Anarbor, and a t-shirt from Mayday Parade. Seriously, it is going to be so hard to top this concert now. I had such a phenomenal time!

Tune In Tuesday (45)

Tune In Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Ginger @ GReads so you should head on over and link up! It is a great way to bounce from blog to blog and discover what others are listening to! I love music but there is so much out there that I haven’t heard of before. That being said, feel free to leave a link to your Tune-In Tuesday post!

So this Friday I am going to see one of the greatest concerts EVER!!!!! Okay, okay… I know I say that about every concert! This one is just as super freaking awesome as all the other concerts I’ve seen. The Cab and The Summer Set, both bands I have played the crap out of and shared with you guys on both my blog and Twitter, will be co-headlining. Basically what this means is that each band is just so good they couldn’t pick one to be the “bigger” band which is TOTALLY okay with me because I couldn’t tell you which one I like more either!

Anyways, I will NOT be posting their videos today but you can click their names to see older posts in which I talked (more like gushed) about them. As for the opening acts at this concert we have He Is We (which is the super cute band I talked about a few weeks ago) and Days Difference, an AWESOME band that you guessed it, I will be posting about today!

The first time I heard a Days Difference song, I liked it. I wasn’t exactly wowed by them but I gave them another shot. What I heard next was soooo good. Then I heard another one, and that was even better! They mix up their music so much. They could sound like a different band from song to song yet still sound the same. It is weird and I am probably confusing you guys like no other right now so I will just quit rambling and present to you guys…. Days Difference!

Down With Me by Days Difference

Are You Happy by Days Difference

Speakers by Days Difference

Radio Song by Days Difference

Stay by Days Difference